torstai 15. joulukuuta 2011

This really wasn't my best day :''D

First this morning started with my geography test which was really difficult and I prepared for it about week and it all was just waste.
Then later we had lunch at school but I didn't go to eat cause my friend wasn't at school today and I'm too sociallyawkward so I was anxious to go alone. So I was fucking hungry the rest of the school day.
And when i get home I was going to save all the next week's Phineas and Ferb to digi-box. But it said it's going on break and we don't have Disney Channel so I can't watch it anymore and I fucking love that show (it's very surprising but I don't like the English dub so I mean I can't watch the Finnish dub anymore).
And on top of everything I had to study for my tomorrow's Swedish test rest of the day but I just couldn't focus and I had headache so I'm just going to fail it too.

And I want this cutie on my shelf.
Hey you could get it for xmas present to me !! (who am i even talking to XDD)

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