torstai 29. syyskuuta 2011

Something lazy shit i drawed at school today. I felt like i was dying cause i was so tired so i drawed myself dead.

And here some pics of myself. (olen epätodellinen Iisan mukaan alimassa kuvassa)

Oh yea btw, we'll go to Mamia's place tomorrow ! Gonna be fun i guess~
Now, i would like to watch some anime please.

torstai 15. syyskuuta 2011

Oh yea well... Long time no see, as always lol
I'm just gonna say this shortly because i'm so lazy to write and stuffasdfagagg
So yeah, you may know already that ViVACE (our gal-circle) no more exists. It's kind of sad, isn't it?
And I have been wondering (already last winter) that i don't want to do gyaru style anymore.
So I'm not even a bit gyaruish anymore. I do like gyaru but it haven't never been 'my style'. I just wanted you to know.

Oh and I'll quit my ameblo blog too and write stuff like in there to this blog. It's just because I post so seldom here, to my ameblo too but not so seldom than here heheehee.
And here's gonna be veeery random stuff and not just style things.


This blue/turquoise hair, if somebody didn't know already.

Bye now and see yaaa~

(my english. just. suuuuucks.)

// I almost forget ! To all my followers: THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! You guys, really... I have over 200 followers ;____; I love you~♥♥
Do you want me to make something special to 'celebrate'?

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