lauantai 12. toukokuuta 2012

May Day and Tampere Kuplii

This new blogger is so annoying it makes want to delete my blog...
Hi, I'm the last one writing about these again... It's about two weeks from May Day lol. 
But anyway here's some photos !


First ice cream of this spring~

Ella and me

And everyone, derping of course.
Sorry Alina, I took this pic from your blog hehe~

And now's time for cosplay !
I usually don't post about cons to my blog but here's some photos from Tampere Kuplii.
We had Mawaru Penguingdrum cosplay group which was sooo cool.
We had a lot of good time and the whole con was awesome. And it was nice to meet people I don't see so often like Mai and members of Rintamasuunta~

Momoka: Yoosteippi
Shouma: Nessu
Kanba: Hanskinuskij
Himari: Mamia
Hikari: Linni
Hibari: Ella
And me as Ringo. 
Photos are by Nukkelapsi.

Photo by Miika Ojamo

Yeaaahh that's all this time. 
I'm sorry I never write to my blog but I don't have anything to write about... cause i never do anything
But thank you all for being my followers all this time~

AND HEY BTW ! I _finally_ made my own DeviantArt account !!!
Be sure to check it~!

lauantai 3. maaliskuuta 2012

turha postaus

I spend too nights at Oona's (last night Mamia was too). Actually we didn't do anything special.
Rally games, Potter on Wii, cooking, watching tv, playing Amnesia, watching Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella and watching mtv3 chat wut.
But we had fun.

Kaksi ihmistä ja neljä näyttöä
aika perus

And I got these from Mai ! Thank you~

sunnuntai 19. helmikuuta 2012

Helloooouu again ! As you can see my hair is blonde now. Actually I thought it was gonna be more brown but this's how it turned out :'D But it's okay !
The biggest problem is that my hair is so short ! Really, I don't how to put it D: Long hair is so simple and it looks nice even just open.
And I don't have money to buy extensions ,_,

Lol I tried some closet cosplay Kobato.


Maybe that's all... yeah
Now I need to do some math 'cause I have test tomorrow D:

tiistai 7. helmikuuta 2012

At Mamia's

Okay, it has been a while we were at Mamia's place but some pics from that day :D Unfortunately I have very few pictures...

A lot of food~

And here without derpy.

And some dark photos of me...

Me and Iisa in the morning.
Tää on nii perus.

This post was so lame XDD We actually had really fun !


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