tiistai 7. helmikuuta 2012

At Mamia's

Okay, it has been a while we were at Mamia's place but some pics from that day :D Unfortunately I have very few pictures...

A lot of food~

And here without derpy.

And some dark photos of me...

Me and Iisa in the morning.
Tää on nii perus.

This post was so lame XDD We actually had really fun !

2 kommenttia:

Sana kirjoitti...

The table set looks really cute >w<
And is that your real hair?The color is so bright like a wig XD
It's cool tho,I rarely see ppl with this hair color.

btw,I've just followed your blog,if it's ok pls visit my mine sometimes ^ ^

Melsa kirjoitti...

Sana: It's my own hair ! But today I'm gonna dye it back to brown 8<
Thanks for following ! I visited your blog too and it was nice~


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